Cracking The Intangibles + 16 Week Program

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Cracking The Intangibles + 16 Week Program
Have you ever wondered what the "X" factor is that separates the mindset of the most elite from everyone else? Unfortunately, it's not cool or fancy; it's simply deep rooted ambition driven by enthusiasm. Having those emotions day in and day out breed mindfulness and rage that propell you toward success when your time comes. 
Don't be accepting of the paradigm that you were born without it. We go through experiences that develop enthusiasm and ambition to crush goals. If you don't currently posses that drive, this ebook is the first of two from TPV to help you dive into that mindset. 
Included is a 16 week program to refine the skills you will learn in the book portion. The program starts with foundational hypertrophy and ends with intense strength training. This is the FIRST time TPV is releasing one of our programs to the public!
*Please allow at least one business day to receive the ebook and program. These will be emailed out manually*