​How Flexibility Gets You Stronger

Posted by Andrew Triana on Apr 4th 2019

I am not talking about flopping your ankle on the reverse hyper, leaning to one side and feeling your groin pull. Truthfully, im not even talking about pressurizing your thorax in the frontal plane (D … read more

Weight Cut Tips!

Posted by Melissa Peacock on Mar 18th 2019

Up until this year at the Arnold, I’ve had to cut weight for all of my shows since becoming a strongwoman in 2017. I know how difficult and frustrating a weight cut can be sometimes so I decided to th … read more

The Good News of Back Injuries and Strength Sports

Posted by Dawson Montfort on Feb 5th 2019

My 2019 hasn’t started off the way I intended. Shortly after winning Strongman Corp Nationals this past year I began noticing a slight tingling sensation in my right upper Glute area. At first, I didn … read more

Protein Waffles

Posted by Melissa Peacock on Jan 28th 2019

Protein WafflesIf you’re like me, you may struggle getting in all your protein, all while having few carbs and fats left for the day. Sure you could eat plain chicken breast or mix some protein with w … read more

​Top 5 Supplements for Strongman

Posted by Andrew Triana on Jan 21st 2019

Top 5 Supplements for StrongmanOne of the most unique aspects of strongman is that participants take physical damage as a product of participation, although damage isn't the main focus. For example, i … read more