Andrew Triana




North American Regional u90kg Winner

400 stone load

305 log in contest

Athletic Bio:

After losing about 90lbs in high school Andrew was infatuated with how and why results seemed so tangible to some and incomprehensible to others. His strength sport career started as a 165lb powerlifter at the end of high school and led to his decision to pursue Exercise Science.

At Springfield College Andrew encountered the Hadges and Dr. Pat Davidson which sparked his strongman endeavors. Starting off his career as a 175lb competitor, Andy quickly realized that strongman is about longevity and the adaptations come in small bursts. Two years later Andy had rebuilt himself into a 198/200lb competitor and really began to come into his own. Today Andrew is an extremely formidable athlete in the u90 division at any level of competition.


Andrew’s athletic success is no accident. It is a product of about 7 years of strongman (not counting bouts in powerlifting), intense studying of physiology, and real time assessments/feedback from clients/seminars around the WORLD.

The overarching themes that flow throughout The Performance Vibe (a company Andrew co-founded with Nick Hagde) and Andy’s coaching is grit. Once you have developed the ability to use grit as a discretionary tool, you have the opportunity to actually reach any goal. The only limiting factor is then, our ability to keep faith along the road. The mantra “vibe out” is based on encompassing our unique emotional outlook to fuel performance, work, and life. Leave no stone unturned, refuse to hit your death bed with “what it’s, and don't be afraid to slow down and appreciate what you have done along the way.” Vibe out.