Amber Remick

Born December 15, 1987) is a world-class LW Strongman athlete. She trains at The Anvil in Cedar Rapids, IA and also William Penn University in Oskaloosa, IA.




Best Lifts:

185lb Axle Clean & Press

425lb 18" Axle Deadlift

360lb Deadlift

225lb Stone to 48"

150lb Snatch

200lb Clean & Jerk


Strongman Accomplishments:

With just over a year of strongman under her belt

1st place at her very first competition, Valentines Day Massacre

6th place at 2016 United States Strongman Nationals

4th place at 2017 United States Strongman Nationals, earning her a spot at Pro Women's Worlds

1st place at 

10th place at 2016 Strongman Corp Nationals, qualifying her for the World Championships at the Arnold Fitness Expo where she finished 7th place overall

1st place and best overall female athlete at Shriners Strength

1st place at the MidAtlantic Strongman Challenge, taking her back to the Arnold in 2018.


Early Life:

Amber Remick attended Central College, in Pella, IA and graduated with a BA in Exercise Science. While there she played basketball and was awarded best defensive player. After college Amber went on to further her education and experiences with a CF-L1 certification, Columbus Olympic Weightlifting certification and becoming an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. She's been personal training for 9+ years, managed gyms, managed group training, developed group training, coached and owned her own gym, and is currently a Rehab Tech in physical therapy and does remote coaching. Along the way she found CrossFit which sparked her interest in competing again, and a few years later Strongman found HER. 


She's married to a professional strongman himself, Spenser, and a dog-mom to one.