About Us

Victory Apparel takes a different approach than most clothing lines in the industry. Our line means the world to us and we want each product to be as unique as the one wearing it. We hope our products give you the motivation and the ability to see that anything can happen. We treat our customers like family and hope they do the same with their peers.

Victory Apparel is our way of creating the highest quality athletic apparel ever made while exceeding the expectations of our customers and beyond with the best customer service in the industry.  Until our customers can actually hold one of our products in their hands and carefully look it over, it's hard to explain our quality and passion for perfection. Value can be defined as getting what you pay for. We define value as getting more then you pay for

Location: Springfield, MO

We want to thank you for the support of our brand and wear it with pride as we do. Always be motivated, driven, and determined to conquer the world and lead the path for others.